Ayaz Karimov in Greece in November 2018. Courtesy of Ayaz Karimov.

From Estonia, how did you join PRISM?

LUKH team Alisha Daga, Purvi Vyas, Katie Andrew, and Karen Desai (seated). Courtesy of LUKH.

How did you decide to create a rental service for Indian weddings?

Kimiloluwa Fafowora at the Stanford Graduate School of Business in August 2020. Courtesy of Kimiloluwa Fafowora.

What do you look for in early stage student companies?

Co-founders of Snackpass: Jamie Marshall (left) and Kevin Tan (right). Courtesy of Snackpass.

Richard Clay in Baltimore, Maryland in September 2021. Courtesy of Raiven Vanzego.

Faves app features. Courtesy of Faves.

Shreyas Parab skydiving in California in March 2021. Courtesy of GoJump San Jose.

Walk us through your DRF application journey.

While working at an NYC venture capital firm, Alexa Spagnola spends a weekend at the beach in August 2021. Courtesy of Alexa Spagnola.

Tell me about your background and why you applied to Dorm Room Fund.

Lauren Gilbert poses for a picture in Houston in July 2020 to announce her admission into the Wharton School’s MBA program. Courtesy of Lauren Gilbert.

How did you become interested in startups?

Dorm Room Fund

Built by students and powered by @FirstRound, we provide our founders with access to strong investors, mentors, and a check. Email: info@dormroomfund.com.

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