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Introducing Female Founder Track Summer 2020

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3 min readApr 10, 2020


Last year, 88.2% of all venture capital funding went to all-male teams. By contrast, only 11.8% of venture capital funding went to teams with at least one female founder and a mere 2.7% went to all-female teams. These numbers highlight the massive gap between the number of men and women who have access to the resources, network, and support to start a successful company.

At Dorm Room Fund, we’ve helped power over 300+ student-led startups through providing a $20,000 check, a sprawling network of investors and mentors, and an unbeatable community of founders. And in this past year, 50% of our funding went to teams with at least one female founder. Dorm Room Fund is on a mission to make the top 10% of founders more diverse because we believe in the untapped potential of female and underrepresented founders.

As part of this mission, we are thrilled to launch the third cohort of Female Founder Track, a hands-on masterclass program to help female and non-binary students scale their projects into companies and raise their first capital. This summer, we’re aiming to reach students from all backgrounds, schools, socioeconomic levels, and majors through a first-of-its-kind remote program.

Female Founder Track will help you take your company to the next level. We will help you obtain the skills, knowledge, mentorship network, and community of like-minded women for you to jumpstart your company. Our sessions will focus on entrepreneurial skills and knowledge such as: how to tackle product development, develop effective market strategies, think about long-term venture economics, create lean business models, navigate economic downturns, and much more. We’ll guide and help you to meet your key deliverables.

Each session will be led by successful founders, well-known investors, and expert operators, who will personally mentor you and provide feedback on your venture. You’ll also be able to join a high-powered community of the best and brightest female founders in your cohort and previous cohorts. We know how hard it is to start a company, so we want you to have a community and network that you can lean on throughout this process.

Here are the requirements to apply:

  • You are graduating in May 2020 or later (our mission is to support current students)
  • You can commit to one remote Saturday session per week on top of your internship/job (we’re looking for passionate hustlers)
  • You have some proof of concept for a venture you’d like to work on. The proof of concept can be anything from your thesis project, wireframes, prototypes, user research, and/or customer discovery findings.

Dorm Room Fund is absolutely committed to helping you build your business through the summer. This program is free and we take no equity. All we ask for is your commitment.

Founderhood has a reputation for being a boys club, but not at Dorm Room Fund. We believe that building a pipeline is not charity work, but a long term winning strategy to support outlier founders. We invite all female and non-binary students to learn more about Female Founder Track here and apply here by Friday, May 8th 11:59 PM PST.

Written by Havi Nguyen and Isabelle Zhou.

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