Meet 2021 Blueprint Investor Track

Courtesy of Dorm Room Fund

In private email groups and small social circles, underrepresented investors share their stories. It often starts with a lack of representation that deems them lucky if they spot the right startup. The stories show that they face far more hardship raising money than their white counterparts, and ultimately, many decide to pass on investing.

These people represent the 3% Black and 3% Latinx in venture capital communities — a fraction compared to the 80% of investment partners who identify as white.

That’s why we brought back the Blueprint Investor Track.

Eight members of the 2020 Blueprint participants joined Dorm Room Fund as partners this year. Two of them, former track participants Jarrod Barnes and Chris Quaidoo, lead the track.

The investor series empowers Black, Latinx, and Native American students to find the “blueprint” they need to identify a strong venture. Students receive a curriculum, mentorship and access to the best investors in the business.

The cohort is made up of 57% male and 43% female, with 19 schools represented. Of the participants, 47% identify as Black, 43% as Latinx, and 10% as more than one race. The majority, 70%, hail from graduate programs, followed by 30% from undergraduate communities.

Let’s welcome the second cohort of the Blueprint Investor Track!

Chinasa T. Okolo

Courtesy of Chinasa T. Okolo

Carolina Galdiz

Courtesy of Carolina Galdiz

AJ Ervin

Courtesy of AJ Ervin

Bruno Lulinski

Courtesy of Bruno Lulinski

Alissa Del Toro

Courtesy of Alissa Del Toro

Chris Ferrer

Courtesy of Chris Ferrer

Sophia Lugo

Sophia has previously worked in the Health Ventures Incubator at BGI Genomics (Shenzhen, China), the Boston Consulting Group, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Sophia is most passionate about transforming health systems and democratizing access to biotechnologies. Fun fact: I spent two years studying flies biologically and two studying lobsters sociologically.

Courtesy of Sophia Lugo

David Okao

Courtesy of David Okao

Ike Okonkwo

Ike has worked for Harvard Business School as a case-writer, as well as a life-science researcher at the Taub Institute for Alzheimer’s Disease. He is passionate about all things LatAm Tech & Healthcare. Fun fact: I’m an avid salsa dancer.

Courtesy of Ike Okonkwo

Rod Figueroa

Courtesy of Rod Figueroa

Jasmyn Howell

Courtesy of Jasmyn Howell

Florence Luna

Courtesy of Florence Luna

Mea-Lynn Wong

Courtesy of Mea-Lynn Wong

Alec Zorrilla

Courtesy of Alec Zorrilla

Zsika Phillip

Courtesy of Zsika Phillip

Juan Leal Trevino

Courtesy of Juan Leal Trevino

Tony Cueva Bravo

Courtesy of Tony Cueva Bravo

Edmi Vazquez Ramos

Courtesy of Edmi Vazquez Ramos

Ramy Kerdany

Courtesy of Ramy Kerdany

Leonardo Girlando

Courtesy of Leonardo Girlando

Christina Peña

Courtesy of Christina Peña

Tevin Singei

After graduating high school, I took two years of a break before joining college. During this period, besides pursuing work experience in consulting, banking, and non-profit work, I discovered and explored my interests in food and culture — I spent a few weeks in Chalbi Desert over December and that was an intriguing experience. In my free time, I typically go hiking while listening to either jazz or country music, which I guess explains my friends’ sentiments that I have a bad taste in music. Anyway, what I lack in artistic taste I make up for in culinary gourmet. Fun fact: My grandfather likes to introduce himself as an endangered species being one of the few unassimilated Suba, which I am too.

Courtesy of Tevin Singei

Zach Thompson

Favorite cities are Cannes and Monaco in France. Hobbies include spin (indoor cycling), sports (football), cereal, and watch collecting.

Fun fact: I put a hole in my esophagus on my first day of college football practice.

Courtesy of Zachary “Zach” Thompson

Thoba Grenville-Grey

Courtesy of Thoba Grenville-Grey

Ale Borda

Courtesy of Ale Borda

Alex Hunter

Courtesy of Alex Hunter

Samson Berhane

Courtesy of Samson Berhane

Aliyah Contreras

Courtesy of Aliyah Contreras

Larissa Liburd

Courtesy of Larissa Liburd

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