Meet the 2021 Female Investor Track

Venture capital needs to raise its bar. For women, the questions “what is venture capital” and “why does it exist” remain inaccessible.

That’s why, here at Dorm Room Fund, we launched our first three-week masterclass by women, for women. The Female Investor Track helps women starting their careers in ventures to transition and grow in the industry. Through speaker sessions and venture capital lessons, we consider the value of females added to the industry and the ways women can make their mark in a male-dominated industry.

From 400 applicants across the world, 15 female and non-binary investors joined the summer cohort. With an acceptance rate of less than 4%, the program welcomed participants from 14 schools. Six identify as undergraduates, eight as graduates and one person is pursuing a J.D.

Let’s welcome DRF’s first Female Investor Track!

Adetola Olatunji

Fun fact: Adetola is the oldest of three but by far the shortest of her siblings, but her energy makes up for it.

Alejandra Vergara

Fun fact: Alejandra a Chilean national champion gymnast turned ballerina turned World Championship qualified 70.3 Ironman triathlete. She loves everything outdoors especially if there’s an incredible view/amazing food at the end.

Amanda Young

Fun fact: Amanda has produced two short student films.

Amelia De Paola

Fun fact: Amelia is a second-generation Italian immigrant — her dad came to the US from Naples as a kid and has since been naturalized in the US. In keeping with family traditions, she LOVES to make homemade pasta and has taken it on as a new hobby to perfect old recipes that have been passed down. Sometimes she even tries to invent her own pasta combinations.

Coco Sack

Fun fact: Coco didn’t have a cell phone until she got to college. And she still doesn’t have any social media.

Courtney Jacobson

Fun fact: Courtney played competitive chess for 10 years.

Emily Dinino

Fun fact: Emily once played a zombie in a movie.

Emily Herrera

Fun fact: Emily sings professionally and just started the Wiress syndicate. On campus, she helps run the Women’s Interdisciplinary Society of Entrepreneurship (WISE). In her free time, she enjoys disco music, vocal jazz, countless hours on Airtable, and weight training.

Gabriela Ishigami Marques

Fun fact: Gabi is vegan.

Gabriela Redhead

Fun fact: Gabriela has ran over 10 marathons with her latest full marathon being the 2019 NYC marathon.

Julia Moseyko

Fun fact: Julia used to do competitive Ballroom/Latin dance (and still loves dancing socially).

Jothi Ramaswamy

Fun fact: Jothi is on the Bhangra team at Harvard.

Lizi Feng

Fun fact: Lizi is often invited to play the violin at weddings alongside bands.

Rina Lakhlani

Fun fact: Rina was her school’s version of the Bachelorette in 2019.

Shaodan Chai

Fun fact: Shaodan worked in Latin America for 4 years but her Spanish is not so good actually. She will love to keep learning and hopes she can speak Spanish fluently within 3 years.

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This article first appeared on the DRF blog.

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