The Future is Female: Why We Funded Sequin

Four women putting their Sequin credit cards in the middle of a table

Why Women Need Their Own Credit Card

The Solution is Sequin

A woman applying lipstick and using her reflective Sequin credit card as a mirror

Why Dorm Room Fund Invested

  1. Founder Velocity: Since we first spoke with Vrinda about Sequin, we’ve been blown away with how much she has been able to accomplish in such a short period of time. Vrinda spends every second thinking about how to make Sequin a reality, from assembling an impressive advisory board while incubating at IDEO to participating in Visa’s Fast Track Program and spreading her message across the country. There is also a strong founder-market fit given Vrinda’s experience and expertise in the credit card industry.
  2. Mission Alignment: At Dorm Room Fund, we strongly believe in diversity and inclusion (check out our Blueprint Project and Female Founder Track) and Vrinda’s mission to increase financial inclusion by empowering women resonates strongly with our team. Vrinda is clearly tackling a real and timely pain point that people care about deeply. It also provides an opportunity to partner with other female-founded companies in the Dorm Room Fund community to provide rewards or discounts on products and services that help women look, feel, and be their best.
  3. User-Centric Approach to a Massive Market: Sequin aims to increase the appeal of building, using, and engaging with credit, especially for millennial women, who spend $170B annually. In targeting this market, Vrinda is taking a user-centric approach — starting with an appealing “by women, for women” value proposition, rewards that should drive adoption and repeated usage, and a long term strategy that aims to correct for this industry-wide discrepancy in credit card access and design.



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